Steve McNeal, DC

Health by Choice

1721 Lafayette Road

New Enterprise, Pennsylvania, 16664

Telephone: 800-858-3288




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Dr. McNeal has over 20 years experience and has expanded his current practice at McNeal Family Chiropractic, Ebensburg, PA to this second location to provide current and new patients with more opportunities to maintain healthy lifestyles, treat injuries & help speed up their recovery. Patients with all types of injuries, including sports, work, auto accident, neck, and back injuries will be able to benefit from chiropractic. Dr. McNeal says that “It is my goal to assist the surrounding communities of New Enterprise in reducing pain, improving strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and agility.” Chiropractic care is an effective tool in reducing stress and tension, aiding weight loss, injury prevention, and increases efficiency of sleep. Call 800.858.3288 to schedule an appointment with Dr. McNeal.

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